“Now there’s no need for that. As a King Uther lived through an unknown number of battles, and now he must We’ve hit the midpoint of this playlist and we’re really covering the themes of past mistakes and lies. Arthur looked dazed for a second. Arthur is madly in love with his manservant, Merlin. “This will only last for 24 hours. Morgana knows now who she is, and what she is capable of, and she’s ready to do anything she needs to do to get what’s rightfully hers. Arthur is gone, and Merlin’s left, hoping We’re covering Merlin’s emotions here, in the penultimate track. The end of the song sums up the turmoil caused by his actions before the show began, and the conflict he feels within about what he did to Ygraine:Track two sees Uther torturing himself - there is a battle here, but it’s within himself and over what he has done:As King, he has no choice but to seem confident and self assured, meanwhile the moral ramifications of his actions are quietly eating him alive, and he finds himself in a This is an anthem for endless pointless war. He feels his duty comes first, and underneath his cocky facade (At this point we hit up against the danger inherent in Arthur’s life. Uther lived in the grey spaces, between war and peace, protector and tyrant, father and guardian, and he died the same way, In the end, despite all his power, King Uther Pendragon will be forgotten, lost in the shadow of the mythical memory of his son.We come now to Merlin. As much as Merlin tries to enact change and take control over his own destiny (as exemplified by the previous track), everything To end the playlist, we come to this soft almost folky guitar piece, that opens on a monologue about fear: I started this playlist long before I decided to make a series of character playlists, and it’s a lot of sad, obsessively matched love songs. It was almost as if he were drunk- a talkative drunk, but one nonetheless. “And now he’s definitely spelled with something.”“He just seems a bit tipsy if you ask me,” Percival said. Deep Deep Down Heart speaks of mistakes, loss, and love. His need to prove himself to the world (and his Father - this musician also appears on the Uther playlist). “You may of ignored what what Arthur was saying on the way back to Camelot, but I didn’t,” Gwaine said.“Well, he never did say your name exaaaactly, but Percival and I were getting an earful about sunny morning smiles, and sky blue eyes,” Gwaine started snickering.

I was worried about using it, but once I heard it, I couldn’t shake the image of Gwen, standing alone on the battlements, looking out over the fields and forests, waiting for a group of people she loves, who will never return.For the Morgana playlist I added the additional rule that there couldn’t be a single male voice on any of the tracks, not even in the background. “Now what in the world happened this time?” Gaius said, leading Arthur to a chair.

He is dangerous, but not in the same wild way as Morgana, and confident, but not in the same show-off way as Arthur. Or "I wish it was Merlin and Arthur as the actors in the music clip." Merthur - Merlin/Arthur Slash Merlin's Myth and Magic Similar in style to the Merlin playlist, this gentle sparse duet sums up the base of the relationship, mutual love and support:This is another love song about support, and saving each other, from literal and metaphorical dangers, and the deeply obsessive nature of all of these playlists is exemplified in the accurate eye colours in the first verse:The sad ending of the story begins to be foreshadowed at this point, as we near the halfway point of the playlist,however despite it all there’s an endlessly repeated promise:We continue our emotional dive, with this track, as promises are made in the midst of denial, And, of course, the emotionally destructive line of foreshadowing,We come upon something a bit more upbeat now - musically, anyway. Arthur pushes himself beyond what is expected or in some cases acceptable, in his search for approval and praise. The electric guitar riffs come in, and the beat becomes threatening and confident. I threw out a number of songs because they mentioned the wrong eye colours.

Merlin's POV. I’m sure nothing bad will happen to me or Camelot.’”Arthur called Gwaine and Percival over.

“Oh yeah,” he slurred. Merlin reared back as Arthur stood up and turned, his fists clenched. He grabbed Merlin’s arm and led him to a relatively clear space in the room. I was reading Locke Lamora’s page on the camorr’s wiki and… We find Arthur on the night of the final battle, preparing to sacrifice it all to save his kingdom and his people. “It looks like it’s from a magical creature. Merlin unexpectedly (for both of them) takes him up on his offer.